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“Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf”

Mabel Goldenaxe just doesn’t fit in with the other girl dwarves—and she likes it that way.

To please her father, and encouraged by her older brothers, she goes to work in the emerald mines. Still, she dreams of a better life—and becoming Gilliam’s top axe-throwing champion just might be her ticket out. Mabel is torn between her love of the sport—and her love for the elf Aramis. But loving an elf is forbidden.

Dealing with her overbearing family, jealous friends, and deep family secrets, Mabel will have to summon all her strength to conquer her fears and become her own dwarf—lovelorn or otherwise.

Available August 9, 2014

Print edition available at: Amazon. coming soon to: Barnes & Noble, and McNally Robinson Booksellers.

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Cover image Black“Silencing Your Inner Saboteur – 2nd Edition”

All writers experience times when we don’t feel like writing, or have difficulty getting words on the page. We give these situations the umbrella name of writer’s block and blame our censor, critic, or editor. Silencing Your Inner Saboteur explores these issues and situations to discover that it is really a saboteur behind it all, preventing writers from achieving their dreams.

This book is for writers of all stages, from those just beginning to those who are well into their writing careers. Inside this book, you will uncover the source of your inner saboteur, its disguises and tricks, and how to silence it. There are also exercises after each chapter to build the resources necessary for silencing your saboteur.

Print edition available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and McNally Robinson Booksellers

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Reviews of Silencing Your Inner Saboteur:

“Silencing Your Inner Saboteur” is a helpful book not only for writers, but for anyone who has dreams of being creative, but is always finding reasons not to. The helpful life advice is nicely packaged in chapters that examine the problem of self-sabotage and rip it to shreds. The book is well-written, and also well-documented, drawing on a number of references to drive home the point. The author also includes links (that work!) to many helpful websites and she documents her sources professionally and flawlessly. Overall, a beneficial and entertaining book for writers and other creative types looking for a way to start as well as those who have their foot in the door, but need that extra push.  –“Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards”

“Sherry Peters — a terrific fantasy writer and trained life coach — has distilled all the advice from her fabulous “Silencing Your Inner Saboteur workshop, which was the big hit of Calgary’s When Words Collide multi-genre writing convention, into a highly readable, well-organized, USEFUL book. I don’t recommend many books for writers (although there are good ones by Donald Maass and Orson Scott Card that I do recommend), but “Silencing Your Inner Saboteur” now joins that select group. The other books tell you how to write, this one explains why you AREN’T, and gets you back on track to being productive. Five stars; highly recommended.” — Robert J. Sawyer

“I took the workshop given by Sherry Peters, and it was absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend this book”. — Wendi Sotis

“You should actually charge twice as much, Sherry. It’s worth it!!” — Wanda Bergman

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